WE (Women Encouraging One Another) Overcoming 4 Fears of Creative Confidence

Creativity is in demand. A recent IBM study found it the most sought trait in leaders today. Tom Kelley and David Kelley, authors of Creative Confidence, assert that we are all born ‘creative types,’ but four key fears block us from accessing our creative potential. Here is how WE, women encouraging one another, can combat these fears:

Fear of the Messy Unknown: Taking action on creative ideas can feel like walking into a dark forest. Having a friend can embolden us. Studies have found participants more likely to take on risk when prompted to think of a friend. Participants in our Success Circles programs have reported that they think of their circle members when they take on a challenge. There’s no need to go into the messy unknown alone. Build your WE circles with women who believe that beyond risk, there is reward. Let WE be the light in the warm cabin in the middle of the woods. There’s a cup of tea and a friend waiting there.

Fear of Being Judged: When the voices of encouragement become louder than the voices of doubt, fear of judgment won’t hold you back. WE circles shift this balance towards the positive. The next time you find yourself losing a battle with self doubt, engage with another woman. What is it that she wants to do? What contribution does she need to make? Become her cheerleader. Genuinely. Listen for what is great about her every time she speaks about her dreams. Even if she doesn’t reciprocate, inspiring others inspires us. You’ll be practicing how to be your number one fan. (See 360 Self Talk)

Fear of the First Step: The first action step in a creative venture is often the hardest. An object in motion stays in motion, but an object at rest… goes nowhere. Having an accountability buddy has proven a major factor for creating positive change. WE is the launch pad for starting positive momentum.

Fear of Losing Control: WE teaches us how to trust. A major barrier to creativity is the need to hold onto the reins. Great creators are great collaborators, able to incorporate new people and ideas for the good of the project. In our Success Circle program, women often come in feeling like they have to have all the answers, and leave with new ideas from the group. Perform a metaphorical ‘trust fall’ by asking for help on a project of less than critical importance. Soon, when the big job hits your desk, you’ll be calling your WE circle for their fresh ideas and perspectives.