Larry's Testimonials

Larry Rosen

Coach & Trainer
Since 2009, Larry Rosen has worked as storytelling instructor and Community Program Manager at The Moth (an acclaimed and pioneering storytelling program that has a weekly radio show on Public Radio stations across the country).

To quote what is written on The Moth Website: After 25 years teaching, directing, and practicing theater and comedy performance, Larry discovered the simplicity, power, and beauty of true stories. Shortly thereafter, he found The Moth. As they say, timing is everything.

Larry is a popular storytelling coach who has trained candidates in our Executive Leadership Program for Women and in storytelling summits we’ve held for hundreds of newly promoted leaders.

Larry has been teaching, directing, and coaching theater, improvisation, storytelling, and sketch comedy since 1994, most recently through the Second City Training Center, The People’s Improv Theater, and The Moth.

Larry has a B.A. in English/Theatre from Rutgers University.

Personal storytelling is uniquely engaging and inspiring. It expresses universal themes as only YOU can express them.