Courageous Women Leading


Courageous women leaders have helped shape our world and define our future, yet up to now women’s leadership has been unrecognized. . This interactive keynote reclaims our story, shining a light on women leaders, including Nobel Laureates, STEM inventors, acclaimed journalists, executives, social activists, and Heads of government. Discover both the unique and shared strengths women bring to leadership. Recognize your own gifts and vision and leave with a powerful commitment to move women’s careers forward.

Respect At Work: Creating Cultures Of Inclusion

Learn how to build cultures of inclusion through practical habits that encourage greatness from every employee. Apply tools to see beyond unconscious bias to recognize the gifts of diversity and value differences to counter microinequities and promote innovation. This is more than just a keynote; it’s a kick-off to culture change. Our inclusion strategies have been featured by The Conference Board and at The Catalyst Awards and profiled in national and international publications including The Wall Street Journal and Chief Learning Officer.

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“The most successful diversity initiative we’ve undertaken.   We’re breaking down walls, creating new connections.  We’re walking the talk.” 
SVP, JP Morgan Chase

Men And Women Teaming For Excellence

Respecting, Understanding and Appreciating Each Other 

Men and women unpack how gender differences and perceptions can influence everything from the words we choose to how we lead. Learn to S.E.E. (Stop, Exchange, Explore) beyond unconscious biases; become gender “bi-lingual” with the languages of status vs connection, and develop flexibility to broaden influence as you strengthen work relationships. 

Unleash Your Executive Presence

Executive presence is a deciding factor between advancing into leadership or being left behind. And yet- it’s considered elusive, intangible, unteachable. We make presence practical, empowering participants to hone this most essential quality. Through peer coaching, vocal and physical exercises, performance tools, and strategic networking, participants define and shine their essential contribution. This results in the enhanced influence, visibility and recognition key to career advancement.

Talia Like It Is: Leadership Training Through Comedy

Sharp satire meets interactive training for an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind leadership training experience.

Comedian/leadership coach Lucia Brizzi performs comedic keynotes as alter ego Talia Brava, misguided leadership coach. As Talia Brava’s presentation unravels into a comedically cautionary tale, she turns the expert model on it's head. As audiences recognize her advice as desperately flawed, they uncover the leadership strategies they need most and the true expert inside. In the second phase of the keynote, the mask comes off, as Lucia delivers enlightening yet practical leadership training. 

Topics include: Women! Lead! Now!: Empowering women’s authentic leadership
Think GOOD: Cultivating a positive mindset for innovation Power UP: Strategies for powerful leadership presence

Get a sense of humor. If you don’t, it’ll be incredibly frustrating.
Jon Stewart
Curious about what happens at the intersection of comedy and leadership training? 

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Gaining Career Traction: Network For Success


Many talented managers make the mistake of focusing on performance at the expense of cultivating influence and exposure. In this hands-on session, learn new strategies to communicate your leadership value by building a web of alliances that ensure greater influence and exposure. Through speed mentoring, share ideas, insight, advice, and support. Walk away with vital skills to create authentic and strategic networks for success.

Get a sense of humor. If you don’t, it’ll be incredibly frustrating.
Curious about what happens at the intersection of comedy and leadership training? 

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