Leadership Presence & Storytelling

Step into the limelight to increase presence, visibility, and impact 

Leadership Storytelling

Engage hearts, minds, and imaginations. 

Great leaders tell great stories. Learn the secrets of great storytelling as you construct, rehearse, and perform stories of your own. Training includes performance coaching, vocal and physical warm ups, guidelines for crafting a compelling narrative, and essential techniques for preparation. 

Power Moves: Presence Training

Beyond the “power pose:” a laboratory for embodying your power.

Claim your purpose and make your next inspired power move. Leave with tools to project confidence, ease, and authentic power whenever you need it. Designed and led by performance coaches who leverage years of improvisation, film and theater experience to teach you the secrets of GREAT performers. This workshop transforms as it teaches! You’ll leave grounded in your own value and ready to take on new challenges with a positive and creative mind!
I don't know what kind of magic you worked but I realized that I felt completely different standing in front of my team last week. Much more confident in my ability to lead and far more aware of the value I bring. Thank you!!!
Director, Johnson & Johnson

Workshop sessions customized for in-tact teams or individuals with focus on

Camera work

Define & Shine Leadership Presence

Six strategies to step into your leadership 

Using peer coaching alongside vocal, physical, and performative techniques, clients step into authentic leadership presence that inspires.  

Leadership As Improvisation

Agility and awareness to create a positive future 

Using tools from the world of theatrical improvisation, participants flex the muscles of spontaneity, healthy risk taking, and creative collaboration. Learn to confidently navigate change, as you help build a positive future.

Is your team’s comfort zone killing creativity? Welcome innovation by putting curiosity before judgment. Teams become creative powerhouses, bringing forth the next great idea.  

Our actor/trainers are professional improvisers teaching leaders how to respond to surprise and change with creativity and ease. 

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