Executive Leadership Program for Women (ELP)

Advancing women in leadership further and faster than ever before

Practical, in-depth and transformational leadership development geared to women’s goals, challenges and learning preferences. Combines dynamic "on-site" training with six months of virtual support via patented peer mentoring Success Circles® and private work with top flight executive coaches. Tested, refined, customized for seventeen years yielding unrivaled results for women in various professions and the Fortune 500.

Customized Versions, Outstanding Results
– Large scale Executive Conferences: bringing together top leadership and executive women to inspire action at companies that have included
J&J, Astra-Zeneca, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Genentech, Deloitte
– Global and corporate rollouts of ELP program
– STEM ELP: Advancing Senior women and Next Generation
– ELP for Research and Academic Institutions: Changing Future for Women in Top 10 Universities 

Success Circles® Peer Mentoring

Foster self-efficacy, strategic thinking, and partnerships that work between members and across organizations.

Small mentoring circles develop key leadership competencies while members coach one another to solve daily work challenges and exceed professional goals. Self-supporting, Success Circles® help employees take development into their own hands.
Our patented 5 question coaching methodology is rooted in the science of peak performance with built in accountability practices. Members believe more, act more, and achieve more, together. Innovative solutions emerge as candidates reach beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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This simple guide offers comprehensive advice on starting and managing peer coaching circles. 


Annual Women’s Leadership Development Program at Harris Corporation

Inspiring Commitment
New Ideas
Risk Taking
Sustained Support
Valuing Diversity

Power Moves: Presence Training

Beyond the “power pose:” a laboratory for embodying your power.

Claim your purpose and make your next inspired power move. Leave with tools to project confidence, ease, and authentic power whenever you need it. Designed and led by performance coaches who leverage years of improvisation, film and theater experience to teach you the secrets of GREAT performers. This workshop transforms as it teaches! You’ll leave grounded in your own value and ready to take on new challenges with a positive and creative mind!

I don't know what kind of magic you worked but I realized that I felt completely different standing in front of my team last week. Much more confident in my ability to lead and far more aware of the value I bring. Thank you!!!
Director, Johnson & Johnson

Customized for in-tact teams or individuals with focus on

High stakes interactions
Camera work

Men and Women Partnering for Excellence

Respect, team and communicate across genders

Value individuals beyond gender stereotypes and assumptions. Unleash untapped talent, engagement and performance as a result. In this encouraging and blame-free workshop, men and women unpack how gender differences can influence everything from the words we choose to how we lead. Learn to S.E.E. (Stop, Exchange, Explore) beyond unconscious biases; become gender “bi-lingual;” embrace flexible leadership styles to broaden influence as you strengthen work relationships.

Celebrating Courageous Women

Women’s leadership isn’t new: Untold stories of great women

Recognize the strengths women bring through untold stories of women pioneers. Learn from the lives and wisdom of women Nobel Laureates, STEM inventors, acclaimed journalists, executives, social activists, and heads of governments. Customized for each organization, this interactive keynote inspires listeners to reach further as they express leadership themselves.

Other Programs

Success Circles® Mentoring
Our patented peer mentoring methodology, fostering self-efficacy, strategic thinking, and partnerships that work between members and across organizations.

Leadership Presence & Storytelling
Step into the limelight to increase presence, visibility, and impact

Count Me In® for Inclusion
Inclusion training for bright futures together

STEM Leadership Programs for Female Faculty
Training, development, united action for the advancement of Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics) 

Dynamic Training Experiences

Leadership Coaching
Our most powerful leadership solution – one-on-one