360 Self-Talk Exercise

Ever notice how in giving a friend good advice, you end up taking it yourself? The way we speak to others is practice for speaking to ourselves. Imagine if the voice inside your head said the exact words you needed to hear. For many of us, our inner dialogue is an unconscious replaying of internalized criticism and judgment. It is often shaped by the words of well-intentioned, but misguided, caretakers during our formative years. With deliberate care, our self-talk can become an inner sanctum with our wisest self.

Take out a piece of paper and answer the question: “What words do I wish I’d heard growing up?” Keep writing until you land on a statement that resonates.

Then, throughout your week, notice when you feel this way about others. Say your statement to them. Yes, out loud. Does this scare you? No wonder, you are speaking powerful words. They may be taken aback. But know that by speaking the words you need to hear, you are practicing how you will speak to yourself. You may even be saying the exact words they need to hear, too.

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