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In my top 5 list of game changers. 
Kelly Watson, KPMG
Executive Leadership Programs for Women
Cutting edge leadership training geared towards women's most compelling concerns
Tremendously helpful in developing my leadership skills. 
Kristen Hackett, Partner - Deloitte & Touche
Leadership Presence & Storytelling
Step into the limelight to increase presence, visibility, and impact
Best diversity program we’ve ever had. People are still talking about it two years later.
Chief Diversity Officer, Chubb
Count Me In® for Inclusion
Inclusion training for bright futures together
This program exceeded my highest expectations.
Helen Buettner, Professor & Undergraduate Director-Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, Rutgers University
STEM Leadership Programs for Female Faculty
Training, development, united action for the advancement of Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics) 
Extraordinary insight on ways to resolve conflicts/problems. 
Partner, National Law Firm
Success Circles® Mentoring
Our patented peer mentoring methodology, fostering self-efficacy, strategic thinking, and partnerships that work between members and across organizations.
Fabulous, outstanding, interesting, thought-provoking, Invaluable to any female looking to move to the next level in her career.
Jackie Strobel, Chubb & Son
Leadership Coaching
Our most powerful leadership solution – one-on-one 
Motivational, energizing, and practical. Gets at the heart of what fuels us day today. 
Participant, Finance Summit
Dynamic Training Experiences

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Creating leading edge strategies and customized programs for every client 
Rock stars, executive coaches, and mentors all in one

Our Executive Coaches
The most experienced facilitators, coaches, and program designers

Powerful leaders know why they lead and act as positive catalysts for change. 
– Brigid Moynahan Founder & President

Who is a Next Level Leader?

Someone who knows their job is not to make headlines, but to bring out greatness. They inspire excellence by connecting people to vision and meaning. Next Level Leaders S.E.E. Beyond Bias, recognizing the unique gifts of each individual. They ignite inclusion and fuel the innovation organizations need to thrive in today’s fast changing world.